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Fitness application with a list of features:
• different social network integration (facebook, twitter, google+)
• deep integration with Firebase services, such as Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Storage, Cloud Functions, Crashlytics, Performance, Test Lab, Analytics
• billing client for subscription purchases
• complex UI interface and smooth animations
• integrated video player with actions controller, media cache
• deep linking with
• push notification delivery with OneSignal service, custom users segmentation.

Mobile fitness application

Health & Fitness
Botl app has such main features:
• social network integration (facebook, twitter)
• complex logic of user location (Google Maps API, Google Places API, background tracking user location, etc.)
• offline mode, store data in local database
• complex UI interface and smooth animations
• video content with media cache
• deep linking with
• image processing (zoom, rotate, crop)
• video processing (trim, compress)

Mobile social application

LaunchME platform main functionality:
• OneSignal push notifications integration
• smart pages creation by configuration according question type
• custom UI elements with complex animation
• separate admin panels for admins and mentors (CRUD actions for different types of users)
• D3.js visualization integration (bubble chart customizing)
• chat integration with Pubnub
• cover letter and Resume constructor, CV generation in pdf format on the basis of the chosen template
• integration with Stripe (users subscriptions)
• phone number verification (sms, Firebase)
Career planning services
USA is one of the largest source of anecdotes for Russian-speaking audience. The application has a main functionality as:
• running background task for notifications creation as a reminder at specific time range in device time zone
• data synchronization at specific time range
• complex inner logic for building and analyzing incoming data
• Google Ads framework
• different theme mode (day and night mode)
• offline mode, store data in local database
• predefined encrypted large data

Anecdotes application

News & Magazines
GG connect allows you to chat with other gamers instantly so you can tell if they are someone you'll get along with. Main features:
• modern Android arсhitecture components implementation
• complex usage of custom list (swipe, drag & drop, etc.), smooth animations
• video content with media cache
• push notification delivery with OneSignal service
• GIF API integration with Giphy service
• video player integration with actions controller
• audio player integration with custom UI displaying
• integration with analytics and stability services (Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, etc.)

Mobile social application for gamers

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